Our Delivery Service

We will deliver your puppy to anywhere in the lower 48 contiguous United States. We charge $100.00, plus an additional 56.5 cents per mile from our door to yours and back, plus Toll Road fees, and motel if overnight stay is necessary. Example: Our house to, say, Louisville, Kentucky, is 346 miles from us, x 2 for return trip, = 692 miles, multiplied by .565 equals $490.98 total for delivery. Puppy has his own person with him besides the driver, to make him comfy and hold him and pet him throughout the trip. We may stop every 2 hours or so if needed so puppy can be relieved and romp around a bit. We do not fly our puppies, as it is way too stressful for a baby. Below are some photos of our babies, going to New York City, Wisconsin, Kentucky, etc.
Minard puppy, headed to Wisconsin!
Zuzanna's puppy, headed to New York City!