Imported German Mother, Imported Serbian Father

8 New Natz/Nele Puppies, Born July 6th, 2022. 2 males and 6 females; sables and black and reds. 1 Male and 1 Female now available. Puppies can be picked up on Aug. 31, 2022. Phone 269-686-9005, or email for more information.

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The father of this litter is V Natz vom Palez Team; Natz's Father is #3 dog in the world 2016, German Champion World Seiger VA3 Sastor vom Hühnegrab, and can be seen here in this video.  . Natz's mother is V1 Serbian Sieger 2015 Brenda Vom Palez Team. Natz is a gorgeous male, just like his father. Natz has a huge head, and a beautiful plush black and brilliant mahogany red coat. He was born in Serbia, and has his registration papers there, as well as here in the U.S.A, through the AKC (American Kennel Club). The mother is Nele vom Hauswalder Bach, a beautiful, friendly female that we imported from Germany in 2019. Our puppies have a 5 year hips and elbows warranty, and the parents are DNA tested, DM free, and OFA certified. Puppies were born on July 6, 2022, and will be able to go to their new homes on Aug. 31, 2022. We are now taking deposits. All of our dogs live here with us at our home here in Allegan, Michigan. If you wish, please bring your family and come and visit, observe the dogs that we have here, bring a list of questions and I can answer any specific questions that you may have about both our dogs and kennel. Saturdays are our best visiting days. Please call to schedule an appointment at 269 686 9005 and leave a message. And for more information about the litter, send an email to