Nele vom Hauswalder Bach and Arrans Onchu vom Jagerhaus

Puppy prices are $1900.00 dollars each, for both males and females. All puppies come with a 5 year health warranty, AKC registered, All shots and wormings, and a Veterinarian health check-up at 7 weeks.

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Nele Onchu Puppy Deposit List, March 27,

Sold Out

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Romeo (Onchu), 2 yr old Luna boy, closeu
Puppy Reservations are taken on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. This means that the first client that places a $500.00 Dollar deposit on their male or female puppy gets to have the first pick of their puppy of choice in that litter. Second Deposit has second pick, and so on. Each litter is divided into a listing for male puppies, and a listing for female puppies. Each litter's list is displayed online, updated each time a deposit is made. You still have to be interviewed here at some time prior to bringing home your new puppy, but you can make a deposit on a puppy anytime. Total price for a puppy is $1900.00, for both males and females. Delivery costs and Training are not included in puppy price. Puppies get to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.

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